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    Clerk Of Court

    Image of Jamie Campbell
    James C Campbell
    Clerk of Court
    Sumter County Judicial Center, third floor
    215  N. Harvin St
    Sumter, SC 29150
    Phone: 803-436-2227
    Fax: 803-436-2223

    Hours of Operation
    Monday to Friday   8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Search the Sumter County Court Docket Online(3rd Judicial Circuit)You can search Circuit Court records using the Online Services menu at the top of the page.  Hover over the tab and select the type of search you would like to do under the 'Court System' column.

    The Clerk's Office:

    • Maintains records of criminal cases heard in General Sessions court. This includes sentence sheets, arrest warrants, indictments, and pleadings.   This does not include a transcript of the court hearing.   A $10 fee is charged for certified copies of sentence sheets, etc.  See below for more details
    • Maintains records of cases heard in Court of Common Pleas, which is civil disputes between parties.
    • Schedules jury and non-jury rosters for Common Pleas.
    • Maintains records of all judgments for Common Pleas
    • Maintains and provides copies of all final divorce decrees, separation agreements, and proceedings.   A $10 fee is charged for all certified copies of these documents.   Requests must be made in writing or in person.   No requests are done by telephone.  
    • Collects fine payments for General Sessions fines.   We accept cash or money orders.   No personal checks are accepted for fine payments.
    • Selects potential Jurors from a jury pool for each term of court.
    • Notary applications for Notaries may be picked up at the clerk’s office in the judicial center on the 3rd floor .
    • Registration of Notaries.   Please bring your long form commission with the gold seal and $10.00 registration fee.
    • Supervises Family Court services and activities.
    The Clerks Office does NOT do the following:
    • No longer process passport applications.
    • Traffic Court and Tickets are handled by Summary Court.
    • Scheduling of General Sessions Court is handled by the Solicitor's Office.
    • Marriage Licenses are issued and maintained by Probate Court.
    • Deeds and other Land Transactions are handled by the Register Of Deed's Office.
    • Tax Liens are maintained in the Register Of Deed's Office
    • Child Support payments or information is handled by Family Court at 803-436-2366.
    • Legal advice can only be given by an attorney or legal referral service (1-888-346-5592).

    Contact Phone Numbers:

    Common Pleas/Civil Court (Room 309): 803-436-2228 or 803-436-2231
    General Sessions (Room 311): 803-436-2264 or 803-436-2265
    Fine Info:   803-436-2230
    Jury Info:   803-436-2233
    Setoff Debt:   803-436-2227
    Family Court:   803-436-2366
    Criminal Court: 803-436-2232